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why choose us?

We understand that as an agricultural employer, you require experienced workers who understand the job that they are doing, come to work on time, and are trained in safety and workplace conduct. We understand that you need your work done timely and efficiently with competitive costs in a competitive agriculture industry.

We have been managing agricultural labor for over 42 years and can offer you our seasoned experience combined with modern systems of labor and payroll management.

With California minimum wage increasing, piece rate, or paying workers per unit of output, has become more popular. This requires measuring output and creating a pay system that is beneficial for both owner and workers, provided they can reach minimum production targets. Based on your needs, we can create a custom piece rate plan and execute with our payroll management systems.

As an established business in Capay, California, we also maintain a proud legacy of over 40 years (managing farm labor since 1976) of organic farming. On the farm, a safe, respectful, and professional work environment has been fostered for our most important resource, our family of employees. At Corazon, we hold these values dear, and you can expect that our workers will show that mutual respect to your farm and property.


Vineyard Management
Corazon foremen and crews have experience in a diverse set of skills. They are skilled in all aspects of vineyard management, pruning, shoot thinning, and harvesting.  

Harvesting and Packing Fresh Market Fruit and Vegetables
Our crews are proficient in harvesting and packing wet and dry vegetables, tomatoes, orchards and vineyards. 

Orchard Planting, Pruning and Harvest
In Orchard management, including planting, thinning and pruning orchards, we handle almond plantings, first year pruning and fourth year shaping, and in walnuts,peaches and prunes we are proficient in pruning, thinning and harvesting.  

Planting, Irrigation and Cultivation
In field crops we have experience in planting, cultivating and irrigation. This knowledge, training, and attention to detail is what makes our skilled crews a strong year-round solution to your agriculture human resource needs.